Learn How to Keep Your Truck Drivers Happy with These Top 10 Tips

Learn How to Keep Your Truck Drivers Happy with These Top 10 Tips

Sometimes working as a truck driver at a freight transportation company can have you feeling as if you are stuck at a train or bus station in Great America, Santa Clara. With faces...

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Some Typical Truck Driving Myths Busted That Will Make You Proud to Be a Trucker

Some Typical Truck Driving Myths Busted That Will Make You Proud to Be a Trucker

Whatever station you stop at, whether it is Pleasanton or Wyoming, you are probably pretty sure of getting a couple of suspecting glances from those civilians at the station. Throu...

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Learn How to Keep Your Truck Drivers Happy with These Top 10 Tips

Learn How to Keep Your Truck Drivers Happy with These Top 10 Tips

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Sometimes working as a truck driver at a freight transportation company can have you feeling as if you are stuck at a train or bus station in Great America, Santa Clara. With faces passing you by, busy on their daily commute, a feeling of rush and yet also loneliness and longing to be understood or even noticed or seen. This is why it is of utmost importance to keep your fleet’s drivers happy as clams, and wanting to continue coming back to work.

In this post, we look at top ten tips on how you can achieve ultimate truck driver retainment and happiness in the workplace. We cannot stress the importance of keeping your workforce happy if they feel as if they are getting the raw end of the deal, they might just up and leave the company. Let’s see how you can avoid this.

31 - Learn How to Keep Your Truck Drivers Happy with These Top 10 Tips

Keep your dispatching speedy and organized

One of the main reasons why truck drivers leave their jobs is due to the fact of inefficient dispatch methods and prolonged waiting times, times they are not paid for. Make sure everyone involved in the dispatch process are on board and willing to go the extra mile in order to get your driver back on the road where he is able to make the money he intended to.

Make sure payment is on par with industry rates

Whether you pay per mile or per hour, you should be dedicated to giving your truck drivers what they are worth. Even though the industry rate is very high, it is estimated that a whopping 20% or truck drivers leave their jobs due to not making enough money. If you want to keep your truck driver happy, explore different ways of making it worthwhile for him/her to spend a lot of time away from home. Perhaps you could even offer employee benefits such as health insurance.

When possible, ensure your drivers get enough time at home

A lot of drivers leave their current jobs due to the fact that they are not at home enough, or that time at home is too unpredictable and too infrequent. Even though this is a difficult subject as the transportation of cargo is not a predictable industry, try to come up with solutions that will suit both the company’s needs and that of the drivers.

Make sure work relations are not causing stress

Some drivers leave due to unhealthy work relationships, especially with supervisors and fleet managers. Even though personalities clash and there is not much you can do about it, you can perhaps try to match the driver with another fleet manager who he/she can get along with.

Ensure that all drivers are treated with respect and show them appreciation

Another cause for resignations at major freight transportation companies are due to the fact that truck drivers do not feel appreciated in their job. The nature of their job is lonely, and they may feel left out of the company culture and anything that happens back at headquarters. Try to get the drivers involved in some activities, ask for their feedback, and have events when you are able to.

Communicate constantly

Communication is one of the most important factors in any workplace. If there is no communication, there might as well be no workforce. Can you imagine the chaos when an important project’s details are not communicated properly to the parties involved? The same goes for the freight transportation industry. Truck drivers who feel left out in the dark about any company developments are bound to be unhappy and look at other job opportunities. Try to work out a program that will work for drivers and all other employees where two-way communication is encouraged.

Ensure maintenance is taken care of on your watch

No truck driver who is already unhappy in his place of work is going to be impressed with flaky maintenance schedules that require them to spend time waiting for a truck to be ready before being dispatched. Make sure you are able to take care of any equipment and maintenance issues while your driver is spending some time at home with his family, ensuring that the truck is ready for the next load when he gets to work.

Ensure working conditions are conducive to success

Some truck drivers leave their positions because they feel that the company did not allow them to or enable them to do the work they were supposed to. This goes for both drivers and owner-operators alike. Be sure you supply the opportunity for advancement and equip them with the tools to succeed, and you should have a happy truck driver.

Ensure there is space for growth and that it is encouraged

Any truck driver or owner-operator will agree that a company that does not promote growth within the freight transportation company is not a place they would want to work for. Drivers who feel that they are unable to climb the ladder and expand their knowledge are more than likely going to leave. To avoid this, ensure you have programs and policies in place that cultivates a culture of growth and advancement within the company, where the receptionist is able to become a fleet manager if she attends courses endorsed by the company.

Give benefits they will want to work for

Even when the pay and hours might not be the best, a truck driver who is able to get health insurance or paid tuition at certain training programs or any such benefits is more often than not going to be loyal to the freight transportation company. If you are able to provide these opportunities and benefits to your employees, make sure you have such programs in place to ensure your workforce is taken care of. Remember, your workforce is your biggest asset, and without them, your company is an empty building.

32 - Learn How to Keep Your Truck Drivers Happy with These Top 10 Tips

Having healthy work relations with your truck drivers remains key to ensure that they are happy. If you have this kind of open relationship with them, they will not feel awkward to openly discuss their queries and qualms with you. If you enjoyed the article, be sure to read this insightful post on how to hire and keep truck drivers. We trust that you have found this piece interesting and that you will be able to employ an empowered and a happy workforce, always.

Recruiting? Here are the Top 10 Interview Questions You Have To Ask at CDL Truck Driver Interviews

Recruiting? Here are the Top 10 Interview Questions You Have To Ask at CDL Truck Driver Interviews

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Whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, interviews are quite tedious and cause stress for the most of us. Even if you are in the interviewer’s chair, the best thing to do before interviewing a string of truck driver applicants is preparing your questions beforehand. These questions are usually constructed in such a way so that the interviewer is able to ascertain whether the candidate will be a good fit for the freight transportation company or not.

In this post, we will discuss the top ten questions to ask. This is discussed in such a way that both interviewer and interviewee will benefit from it and prepare for the interview to ensure it goes smoothly.

#1 Why would you like to join this company?

This question is asked to see whether the truck driver is passionate about CDL truck driving, and whether or not he/she has any former knowledge of the company as a whole. Truck drivers who love what they do and see an opportunity to grow within the company should be able to identify this when this question is asked. Those not able to answer the question would probably not apply for the position.

#2 What challenges are you excited about tackling when joining the company?

Interviewers usually asked this question to see whether the applicant will be a good fit for the company and the fleet. It will also give them an indication if the specific position correlates with your professional needs and experience. Truck drivers who get asked this question, try to think of how you would like to apply yourself in this position, and challenges you had to face in the past.

#3 What, in your opinion, is your biggest weakness?

This is a stock standard question that every interviewer asks or should ask at least. The goal of this question is to determine whether the candidate is honest and whether he/she is able to identify weak spots within themselves and how they intend to work on getting better at it or deal with the weakness. For truck drivers heading out to an interview, it is best to be humble and honest, tell the truth but in such a way that you don’t ruin your opportunity of being hired by the company.

#4 Have you heard of our company before, and what do you know about it?

Interviewers ask this to see whether the truck driver being interviewed has a real interest in the position and the company as a whole. Those who are truly interested would do a bit of research on the company beforehand if they are not familiar with it. Things interviewers are looking for is that the interviewee has a basic understanding and knowledge of the company and products.

#5 Could you tell me more about what a week in the life of a truck driver looks like?

This question is asked to give the interviewer an indication of whether or not the applicant truck driver will be able to do the job he is applying for. Applicants should describe what a typical work week would look like for them, trying to connect as much of their current experience with the job they are applying for as this will show that the truck driver being interviewed is able to do the job at hand.

#6 Are there any previous mistakes that you have learned from as a CDL driver?

Interviewers are required to ask this question in order for them to ascertain the truck driver’s credibility. Those who have made mistakes in the past had to come up with solutions while on their feet, and the question should be answered accordingly.

#7 Why are you the perfect candidate for this position?

This question is frequently asked and intended on identifying whether the truck driver has read and understood the requirements for the position clearly. Answers should show that the driver has the experience and skills gained from previous employment, the qualification needed and showcase just how they will fit in with the company and the job by standing apart from other applicants. In some cases, a driver may not have the necessary experience or qualification. A specific personality trait is what may bump the interviewer to the next round or even be hired. Someone with exceptional communication skills, for example, might be a better fit than someone with experience and no communication skills whatsoever.

#8 What, in your opinion, are your strengths?

This question should be asked to see whether or not the truck driver possesses the necessary skills to perform the job well, experience and qualification aside. These are skills such as being able to think on your feet, communicating properly with the team while on the road, and a will to learn new skills and grow as an individual but also with the company.

#9 How do you cope with stressful situations?

The reason interviewers should ask this question is to ascertain whether or not applicants are able to deal with stressful situations and still function as they would normally under pressure. Truck drivers applying for a job and going for the interview should think about their own personal experience on the road or at their previous or current companies, and answer the question accordingly. If you have an example of how you dealt with stress effectively in a previous position, you should be fine.

#10 Do you have any questions you would like to ask?

Interviewers ask this to see whether or not the applicant prepared for the interview beforehand, whether or not they are familiar with the position requirements, and whether they have a true interest in the company. Applicants should never ask questions related to salary unless the interviewer asks something regarding salary straight out. Questions to ask could include questions about the company culture, development programs, and so on.

Job hunting and recruitment is no easy task and takes a lot of effort from both parties involved in the entire process. Interviewers are looking to match the perfect candidate, and truck drivers are looking to impress and land a great job at a great company.

We hope you have found our list of top 10 interview questions to ask and asked helpfully, and that you will have a great interviewing process from now onwards. Visit this site – it is a fantastic truck driver staffing solution to both job seekers and employers in the market.

Some Typical Truck Driving Myths Busted That Will Make You Proud to Be a Trucker

Some Typical Truck Driving Myths Busted That Will Make You Proud to Be a Trucker

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Whatever station you stop at, whether it is Pleasanton or Wyoming, you are probably pretty sure of getting a couple of suspecting glances from those civilians at the station. Throughout the decades North American truck drivers have been subject to stereotypical views and treated as such by those with certain assumptions about the truck driving industry. Even in Spielberg’s debut film, a truck driver is portrayed as a mad murderer, hunting an innocent person down for no reason at all.

But, as all of us know, the typical portrayal of truck drivers in the media, movies and television shows are far from the truth. In this post, we will aim to bust all those myths that put truck drivers in a less than favorable light in the eyes of civilians and people unfamiliar with the freight transportation industry.

1. All Truck Drivers Use Drugs and Other Substances

For some reason or the other, people believe wholeheartedly that the majority (if not all) truck drivers running long distances are up to no good and suffering from some form of substance abuse, like heavy drugs or alcohol.

If, however, you know your facts, in order to be able to drive a CDL or OTR truck, you have to have clean drug screening tests. There is absolutely no way for any substance abuser or addict to be on the road driving for a professional cargo transportation company. If you get caught with a tainted drug test, you are simply unemployable. Tests are conducted when a new driver joins a fleet and also done randomly.

2. All Truck Drivers are Murders and Criminals

We are not sure where this notion originated, but it started as recently as the 1990’s. apart from the fact that truck drivers were portrayed to be criminals in popular movies and tv shows. Also, due to the lifestyle of being on the road and traveling the whole time made them the first obvious suspects to the police and civilians as they were seen as able to easily get away with a crime committed.

This is of course not the case – all truck drivers in the country are educated men and women who have to go through strenuous training and testing to ensure they are mentally and physically fit enough to do the job.

3. Truck Drivers Are the Cause of The Majority of Road Accidents

Another one of those strange beliefs that we are not sure where it came from. Perhaps civilians feel intimidated by the size of the trucks and figure it must be difficult to drive it and therefore they cause the most accidents on the road.

Once again, this is sadly not the case. It has been statistically proven that CDL trucks and OTR trucks are responsible for as little as 2.4% of the road accidents in the country. The majority of accidents are caused by normal vehicles.

4. Truck Drivers are Poor

For some reason, the average American believes that truck drivers are part of the lower-class have-nots and that they are poor. This adds to the belief that truck drivers are criminals and suffer from some form of substance abuse, as a lot of people believe that it is only the very poor who murder and steal and have drinking problems.

If you know the industry, or if you know it is silly to cling on to what people say and think, you will know that this is absolutely false. Truck drivers in the country earn a lot of money, and some people even leave their corporate jobs to join freight transportation companies to earn a better living. Obviously, the salary depends on the level of experience, but as an experienced driver you can make up to $50 000 per year, have employment benefits like bonuses and health insurance, and still be able to live a good life.

5. All Truck Drivers Are Men

It is believed that the majority of truck drivers are male and that the female drivers are in the minority and not as great at driving either. There are some who even believe that there is no such thing as female truck drivers.

This is simply pure hogwash, the first female truck driver was a miss Luella Bates, who started driving trucks in the 1920’s. Since then, a lot of female drivers joined her example and according to some statistics, there are currently almost 200 000 female truck drivers in the US alone.

6. Truck Drivers Can Specialize in One Type of Cargo

Those not familiar with the freight transportation industry believe that truck drivers are only able to transport goods and get qualified for one of two vehicles, flatbed,and long-haul trucking and that the job is rather simple and exciting.

False. If you decide to get CDL-A certification and licensing, you are able to choose which type of cargo and vehicle you wish to drive. And you don’t have to stick to only one option either. What it boils down to really is the freight transportation company you end up working for, and what they specialize in. The majority of transportation companies will also offer in-house training should you require it for specific vehicles or cargo.

7. Men Are the Obvious Champions at Truck Driving

Again, not sure how this came about either. Perhaps it is due to the patriarchal society we live in and that it is commonly believed that men are stronger, faster, better, smarter in anything and everything than women, also probably the reason why there are none or only a little bit of female truck drivers out there.

This has been statistically proven to be false, beyond areasonable doubt. According to statistics and tests, women are 4 times more likely to get their CDL license after the first try, whereas men seem to struggle a bit. Women also are the ones who will not necessarily get involved in crashes.

Be a proud truck driver, it takes a lot of hard work, and the people of the country who are still believing these silly stereotypes should start realizing that is thanks to the freight transportation industry that they can live the lives they do. If you have found the article interesting, be sure to read this interesting piece on women in the freight transportation industry.

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Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job

Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job

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Being a truck driver is not an easy job. It takes the toughest of tough with perseverance and stamina to match. It can be a lonely vocation when you are driving for hours on end with only your thoughts and the radio to keep you company. Luckily you are able to make pit stops to check on the cargo and fill up the tank and sometimes overnight.

Our beautiful country has loads to offer in terms of a wide variety of landscapes to enjoy, cultures to explore and different small towns to discover. Along the way, you will also be treated to some of the country’s best truck stops. Truck driver hubs, if you will, where you will be able to fill up your own tank and interact with fellow truck drivers. We’ve found a list of the best truck stops in the country for you to have a look at. Be sure to mark some of them off to stop at on your next trip. Whatever map system you use, ACE, BART, or MTC, you are definitely going to want to mark these stops off to stop by when on the road again. The best way to explore the country while you make decent money is if you are a commercial vehicle driver and travel over the road. Of course, there are some challenges to be faced, but with your cdl class a license you can easily find an employer who can accommodate your needs ( there is a truck driver shortage). You just need to do a little online research and find the best truck driving jobs available. Even you do not have to worry about the location of the trucking carrier as if you find them from your browser that’s mean they are hiring in your areas and can accommodate your home time.

#1 Little America in Wyoming

21 - Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job

You are more than likely familiar with this chain group of truck and fuel stops that are scattered across the country. This one, however, is a little bit different and also the biggest one of all. Fully kit with a hotel, convenient showers, a restaurant and a mechanic that is on call all the time, you should definitely have a rest here when driving through Wyoming in the evening.

#2 Whiskey Pete’s in Nevada

22 - Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job

Just a couple of meters from Whiskey Pete’s is the Flying J too, but you will be happy to know that truck drivers are also welcome at Whiskey Pete’s hotel and casino. Perfect for one of the long-haul stopovers where you really need to rest, plus you will have access to fantastic restaurants and retail stores before hitting the road again.

#3 Speedway in Virginia

23 - Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job

By far one of the largest truck stop and fuel station chains in the US, the Speedway stop in Virginia offers an impressive 100 parking bays for trucks to stopover. You will, of course, have access to multiple restaurants too, and be able to rest while you gather strength for the next part of your trip.

#4 Jubitz in Portland, Oregon

24 - Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job
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Arguably one of the largest truck stops in the country, this massive site offers truck drivers a haven while on the road with loads of amenities and extras. Relax in the lounge area, stay in the hotel, eat at the impressive restaurant all while your truck is well taken care of. Some of the services at the truck stop includes mechanical checks and an on-site boot and shoe repairer. A definite must see if you haven’t stopped here before.

#5 Pilot Travel Centre in Bath, New York

25 - Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job
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Stay overnight at Pilot Travel Centre and get some much-needed rest. Even though this is a smaller station with fewer fuel lanes, you will still be able to get some shuteye, get some fuel, and get some grub. The stop also has about 4 showers so you are able to have a quick wash before hitting the road again. Those in need to do some washing, you are in luck – the station also has a laundry service on site which means you are able to get your dirty laundry done while there.

#6 Iowa 80 in Walcott, Iowa

26 - Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job

Iowa 80 is THE largest truck stop in the world, and as you can imagine, it features some pretty impressive stuff. Whether you feel like watching a movie in the theater, or want to take a stroll through the museum located at the site, you will be amazed at the size and scope of services the Iowa 80 has to offer to civilians and truck drivers alike. You are even able to see a chiropractor and visit their library to name but a few of the amenities. The truck stop has more than 900 truck parking bays for astayover.

#7 Morris Travel Center in Morris, Illinois

27 - Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job
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With almost 300 truck parking bays, you are sure to find a spot here. You are able to have your truck looked at and taken care of by professional mechanics while you fuel up and get some necessities for the remainder of the road. It is also home to the legendary R-Place restaurant where you are able to devour a mammoth sized burger in a challenge. A definite must see and experience for yourself to appreciate it.

#8 North Forty Truck Stop in Holladay, Tennessee

28 - Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job
Image source: @1PercentofUS

The North Forty Truckstop has been in existence since 1982 and offers truck drivers plenty of wonderful amenities including private showers, a masseuse, overnight parking, and much more. Truck drivers are also able to do their laundry while stopping over, something which can become quite difficult to do when spending extended periods on the road.

#9 South of the Border in Hamer, South Carolina

29 - Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job

Perhaps nowadays more of an attraction to be visited by curious civilians, this amazingly impressive truck stop has been in operation since the 50’s and boasts amenities such as a golf course, wedding chapel,and a reptile lagoon. Truck drivers are able to overnight and refuel here though, just before they cross the border or just after they have come returned from their labors.

#10 Sapp Bros in Sidney, Nebraska

30 - Top 10 Truck Stops in the USA you Have to Visit When You are Out on Your Next Job
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Fuel up, fresh up, all available at Sapp Bros in Sidney. The stop features fantastic service from dedicated friendly staff, private showers, free Wi-Fi, and much more. You are also able to choose from a variety of restaurants when stopping here for the night.

And that is the last of our best truck stops in the USA – we hope that you have enjoyed the roundup. Have you ever been to any of these stops? If not, we sure hope you try out at least one of them should they be on your route. And once again do not give up find a better job to be able to explore more, especially if you are an owner operator.

Top Tips for Truck Drivers and Owner Operators on How to Maintain Healthy Work Relationships with Colleagues

Top Tips for Truck Drivers and Owner Operators on How to Maintain Healthy Work Relationships with Colleagues

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Working as a truck driver or owner-operator at a larger freight transportation company can be quite fulfilling. You are allowed independence and get to discover the beauty of our country while in complete solitude. You also get to experience job security and loads of other benefits which can include health insurance and an annual bonus. By your side will be your teammates at dispatch, as well as managers and supervisors running and overseeing the entire operations of the company.

Nurturing great work relationships with your teammates and colleagues is something that goes with the job. Even though you won’t be spending a lot of time at headquarters, you will need to be able to get along with others. In this post, we discuss some of our top tips on how to nurture healthy workplace relationships and keep the boat afloat.

1. Communication is Key

As with any human relationship you will ever have in this life, maintaining a good workplace relationship with colleagues means that you need to communicate with them at all times, and do so effectively. There should be no room for misunderstandings. Sometimes it is a good idea, go out of your way to interact and get to know your dispatch buds or other workers that you need to interact with regularly. Knowing your teammates mean you will be able to understand them and communicate in such a way that they understand you.

2. Don’t Blame Others

The quickest way to become very unpopular in the workplace is to blame someone else if something goes pear-shaped. Not only is this bad taste, it is a professional taboo. Blaming others for anything that goes wrong means you deny any involvement in the act and that you are shifting responsibility to someone else. Instead of blaming someone for something that went wrong when approached, try approaching a different angle, and focus on what the error was and how it can be avoided in future. Approaching it like this ensures you don’t make any enemies, and you earn some respect from those in managerial positions.

3. We are in this Together

Everyone at work has a common goal, to pay the bills. Maybe you are saving to put your kid through college, Betsy at reception is saving for a house. Everyone is working towards a common goal. Also, in most cases, a common goal would be to offer the best service and become the best freight transportation company in your state. Never assume that you are higher or better than someone merely based on your job description. Treat everyone with the same respect you expect to be treated and work towards your common goal.

4. Be independent

It is okay to sometimes need and ask for some help from colleagues or supervisors, but most of the time it is best to try and work something out by yourself. If you are able to work independently and focus on doing your job while you are at it, you should be golden. Besides, being independent already comes with the job description of a truck driver, right?

5. Be Friendly and Approachable

Let’s face it, nobody likes a grumpy person who is not able to communicate and share with others. If you want your work relationships to be healthy, be friendly and approachable. This means that when anyone has a problem, they know that you don’t mind helping out. Your dispatch team won’t worry about contacting you about any queries while on the job either, and this will ensure open communication.

6. Practice Respect and Understanding

Everyone has their limits, we know. But treating everyone with respect and understanding and being aware of others’ time goes without saying. If someone is on an urgent job or busy on an important call, don’t waste their time. If you should have a team meeting, rather not be that person who lets the meeting continue for hours on end just for jokes. Time and respect go hand-in-hand.

7. Avoid Spreading Negativity

If you are unhappy with the company, don’t blurt that out on the radio or complain while in the tea room. Remember, your workspace is your workspace, and must be treated as such. If you are unhappy, go for a beer after work, meet up with buddies or colleagues, and blow off some steam. Your place of work is not the place to complain about it. Besides, if you are that unhappy, why not find something else?

8. Be Welcoming

Whether there is a new guy starting, or not. Always be welcoming. This includes for times when you are out on the job and meeting clients or even just on the road. Your truck is more than likely branded and people will be able to tell who you work for. Unless you are someone who likes to spread bad vibes, aim to be friendly and welcoming at all times. As for new teammates joining, be the source of inspiration for them and greet them with a smile. Remember your first day on the job, and you will be extra nice to them.

9. Be Professional Always

No matter where you find yourself, remember you are part of a team. Even in the days before social media, gossip was a nasty little habit a lot of people indulged in. Just remember, never say and post things commenting on your teammates, colleagues, or company. The internet has a funny way of publishing things that are seen, by everyone. Keep work at work, be friendly with your colleagues, and you should have a long and happy career at your truck driving job.

It is very important to maintain ahealthy relationship with your co-workers at the freight transportation company. Apart from the goods that are transported, communication and relationships are all you’ve got going and if you manage to get on the wrong side of someone, you may just ruin your career, indirectly. As mentioned before, always be friendly, approachable, and professional.If you liked this post and you are eager to start your career as a truck driver, be sure to visit this amazing source of everything related to the freight transportation industry.

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The Best Safety Tips for Truck Drivers to Drive in Winter Conditions That Will Make You Feel Safe

The Best Safety Tips for Truck Drivers to Drive in Winter Conditions That Will Make You Feel Safe

Driving, Safety, Truck

As a professional CDL or OTR driver, you will be driving long stretches of road across our beautiful country, come sun or rain, summer or spring, or even winter. A road is a magical place and the environment is never static. There are loads of unpredictable things that truck drivers have to take into consideration while on the road. Driving in snowy conditions might be one of the most dangerous requirements of the job.

Our top tips will, however, help you get your job done with little effort, by applying these safety tips for winter driving, you will feel safer and be more alert while delivering the goods to the client.

Bring some salt

Having a bag of salt or sand with you while on your job can help you out of just about any pickle when you are driving in snow. If you should find yourself stuck in heavy snow or maybe some ice, simply take your bag of salt or sand to the wheel that is not budging, throw some of the sand or salt underneath the tire, get back in the cab and try again!

Lights should be visible

When driving in bad weather conditions, your lights should be visible at all times. Make sure that your truck and trailer lights are in working order before you hit the road, and ensure that they are clean when on the road. This will ensure that other drivers see you. We would also advise you to mind your speed, as visibility is bad in harsh weather conditions, you might not see the person in front of you until you are almost over them.

Keep updated on weather reports

It is of utmost importance to have your ears on the radio to know whether the bad weather will worsen while driving in snow. This will ensure that you know when to be extra alert or when to make a stop at a truck stop to wait for the storm to pass. Depending on the severity of the weather, you should have extra safety precautions in place to ensure the safety of yourself and the cargo you are transporting. Should there be a delay in delivery due to the weather, be sure to let all parties know.

Keep a safe driving distance

As visibility is poor in severe weather conditions, it is advised that all drivers keep a safe driving distance between them and other vehicles on the road. Don’t speed in severe weather conditions, as this may be a recipe for disaster and can cause tragic accidents, leaving you with a tainted driving record. There is no place in the freight transportation industry for reckless driving, even more so in severe weather.

Pull over when necessary

Don’t take chances and don’t jeopardize the cargo or your life. If you suspect there is a mechanical issue or even an issue of any kind whatsoever, it is best to pull over and have a look. If possible, keep to stopping at designated areas, or even best, truck stops and gas stations. If there is any technical or mechanical issue that you cannot fix, be sure to let your headquarters know.

Be assertive

When driving OTR or CDL trucks, in any weather, you should always be an assertive driver, even more so in snow or severe weather conditions. You cannot assume that other drivers will abide by the rules of the road or drive safely, be sure to be assertive and alert at all times as you cannot control the actions of other drivers, but you are able to control your reaction to it.

Stock up on non-perishables

If you are preparing for a trip that you know will be difficult and expect severe weather conditions, it is best to pack non-perishable food and water in the cab or on the trailer, just in case of emergency. It can get rather dangerous out there, and if you find yourself in a tricky situation, at least you will be able to survive until someone is able to come and assist you.

Have a flashlight on hand

There is nothing quite as handy as a flashlight. Be sure to have one in the cab with you at all times, even when you are not driving in severe weather conditions. But, having said that, a flashlight can help out a lot when in a pickle and in need of some light while throwing that sand or salt underneath the wheel to get out of the snow or ice. And of course, for many other reasons too.

Jumper cables are a must

This is an obvious one, and should always be with you on any job in any weather conditions. Jumper cables that are in working order should always accompany you, especially when it is snowing and the weather is a bit rough. This will ensure you will be able to get out of tricky situations if you have to.

Be alert at all times

You have to keep your eyes peeled and open for anything unusual on the road, as visibility will be very poor during harsh weather conditions. Especially when it comes to tire spray, not only for you but also for other vehicles on the road. Being alert means being vigilant and aware of everything that is happening on the road in front of and behind you, and being able to act accordingly at times when you are able to prevent an accident from happening.

Being alert is probably key to driving safely during the winter months, also keeping a safe speed at all times. Roads are slippery due to ice and slush, and controlling a CDL truck on ice and slush can be a bit of a challenge, even to seasoned professionals.

We hope that you enjoyed our tips and that you will be able to drive safely during even the toughest of weather conditions. Remember, your own safety always comes first. Keep in contact with your headquarters at all times letting them know of the conditions of the road and expected arrival time at your destination. Perhaps you can also convince your supervisor or manager to get GPS tracking devices for the whole of the fleet. Read this insightful article on the benefits of getting GPS tracking for your freight transportation company and start building your pitch. Safe driving!

The Top 10 Qualities of the Best Truck Drivers That Will Make You Feel Great About Being a Truck Driver

The Top 10 Qualities of the Best Truck Drivers That Will Make You Feel Great About Being a Truck Driver

Jobs, Trucking

If you are looking at hiring a new OTR or CDL truck driver to join your team, there are a couple of things you should consider before hiring the person with the best-looking resume or the most experience. The recruitment process is tedious at best, but finding someone who is going to deliver the goods, pun intended, is key to continue delivering and providing your clients with excellent service. But what exactly should the truck driver’s qualities be apart from being capable to drive a truck?

Whether you are a truck driver or a company, you will find our next article of great help when it comes to the recruitment process. Here, we take a look at the top 10 qualities every great truck driver has, qualities that you should either strive for or look for when you are hiring someone.

#1 Responsible

This is a trait that will be seen not only in his/her work but also in the day-to-day duties and overall approach. Great truck drivers have a sense of responsibility in the sense that they do their very best to meet requirements with regards to deliveries, they are responsible drivers who won’t endanger their lives or the goods they are transporting, and they will treat their colleagues and clients with respect.

#2 Mechanical Masters

Even though this is a quality and not a requirement, but the majority of the best truck drivers out there will have some form of mechanical background which will enable them to think on their feet and jump in should there be any technical problems they run into while on the road or on a delivery job. Don’t assume we are saying that a great truck driver = a mechanic. We are merely stating that a great truck driver would be able to ensure that your fleet is taken care of and that his/her truck complies with industry standards.

#3 Clean Driving Record

A great truck driver won’t have a lot of records held against him/her and his/her work history will almost be flawless. You won’t be able to find anything related to a fatal accident they were involved with, and this will give you the assurance that they will keep this work ethic up when joining your team. We have to say that unfortunately, accidents do happen, and you cannot hold it against a prospective hire if they had been involved in an accident while on a job before. Their record should indicate that they are responsible drivers with none or few fines or accidents. You are required to get permission before requesting this information from the CSA, but we would suggest that you include this in your recruitment process.

#4 Strength in Independence

This is a trait held by most truck drivers, but it is worth mentioning here just as well. When hiring a new truck driver, you should ensure that the applicant is able to work on his/her own, without constant supervision and guidance from yourself or their direct supervisor. This is also a great trait to have the job entails spending long periods alone on the road, so they should be able to deliver the goods efficiently and independently.

#5 Alert and On the Ball

The best truck drivers out there will be on the ball, alert at all times, knowing how to react in certain circumstances and being ready to react accordingly when the time comes. The best truck drivers will be able to think on their feet and deal with crisis situations. This includes difficult driving situations, mechanical problems with the truck and so on.

#6 Friendly and Reliable

A great truck driver will be able to get along with everyone on your team, but also with your clients. We’ve mentioned this before, but it is of great importance to have a truck driver that is friendly and reliable, as they will sometimes be the face of your freight transportation company. If you hire someone who is rude and does not deliver on time, your client might want to use another company.

#7 Keep Fit

Some of the very best truck drivers will know and understand the importance of keeping fit, especially in their line of work. Staying healthy and looking after themselves by exercising and engaging in other activities is a sign that they take their job seriously and know that they cannot afford to get sick or ill.

#8 Honest and Open

A great OTR or CDL truck driver will be honest and open with you from the get-go. They will take pride in what they do and aim to provide you and your customers with the best service possible without breaking the law or trying to fool you by cutting corners. Really a quality you look for in all your employees, but an important one when looking for the best truck driver to join your team.

#9 Work Well Under Pressure

The best truck drivers are capable of working under pressure and managing stress levels. This is achieved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on the road. To decrease pressure and stress levels in your freight transportation company, you could implement a health program for all your truck drivers. But when hiring a new truck driver, you should be able to tell whether the applicant is able to work long hours away from home and cope with the stresses the lifestyle can hold.

#10 Keep Up with Industry Developments

Keeping up-to-date with all the latest news and technologies in the industry could be cumbersome, but this would not be a hassle for a great professional truck driver. The best truck drivers out there will ensure that they comply with all the standards and have all the necessary endorsements should you require them to cross the border. They will also ensure that they have the correct paperwork and that everything is up-to-date, including their CDL license.

We hope that you have found this list of the top 10 qualities of a great truck driver helpful and that you will be able to use it as a guide should you need to hire a CDL truck driver. Those truck drivers out there looking for job opportunities, we hope that you found this article insightful and that you know now what freight transportation companies are looking for in a great truck driver.

info1 - The Top 10 Qualities of the Best Truck Drivers That Will Make You Feel Great About Being a Truck Driver
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Recruitment Guide: How to Find and Hire the Best Truck Drivers in the US That Will Make You Stand Out from the Crowd

Recruitment Guide: How to Find and Hire the Best Truck Drivers in the US That Will Make You Stand Out from the Crowd

Recruitment, Trucking

Having a great team behind your freight transportation company is what certainly makes you stand out from the crowd – in this business, high-quality service delivery is what really puts you out there. But recruiting is not something just anyone can do. If you have tried different avenues of finding and recruiting truck drivers, you should know that the process can be tedious and how will you ever know for sure that the candidate you have hired is the best fit for your company?

In this article, we will take you through the process of how to find and hire a great truck driver that will fit well with your team, and how you can use certain tools to your advantage while doing so. It’s never necessary to reinvent the wheel – just learning the tricks will make your hiring process run a little more smoothly.

1. Use Technology to Reach the Best Truck Drivers

A lot of people nowadays simply surf the web to find the latest job listings and apply online. This is a great way for you to get your job ad out there and be seen by those truck drivers who are serious about getting a job. There are multiple ways you can advertise jobs on the internet. Let’s take a quick look at what they are.


If you don’t have a website, perhaps now is a great time to invest in one. Not only is this great for getting theword out to prospective clients, but you are also able to reach professional truck drivers this way. Simply create a dedicated careers page and add new job openings on a regular basis. Keeping the site updated is important, so be sure to have content that is fresh and industry-related published here often.

Social Media

A lot of companies look to connecting with their employees and prospective employees via social media channels such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Why not get on the bandwagon and create a profile for your freight transportation company? This also adds value to getting people, clients,and prospective truck drivers, back to your site.

Job listing and recruiting sites

There are tons of recruitment sites out there that is dedicated to the truck driving and freight transportation industry. You are able to create and setup a profile for the company, and send details of the latest job openings you have. The platform will take care of the rest. Usually, these sites have built-in application processes which allow drivers to complete an application form and you are able to review it at leisure.

Paid Ads

You are able to use tools such as Google AdWords to get the word out of your site or even your specific job offering available. This ensures that your ad and content is seen by a relevant audience, and increases chances of reaching the best truck drivers out there.

2. Offer Great Benefits

A professional and experienced truck driver is more than likely going to look at the freight company’s history and background as well as how they treat their current employees before applying. Be sure that you have stellar reviews on work environment and tools used as this may be a make or break decision for the best in the trade. The salary should be fitting, and if you do not yet, consider offering employees benefits such as health insurance, bonuses, or even extra time off. Treating your employees with love and respect will pave the way for when you need to hire new truck drivers.

3. Reviewing Applications

Once you have your jobs listed on the net (and even in the newspaper), you will probably be bombarded by a huge number of resumes and applications from a wide variety of sources. Which means you need to go through each application carefully and ascertain which ones are possible candidates and which ones don’t make the cut. Typical things to keep an eye out for is level of the truck driver’s experience, years’ experience, qualification,and presentation of the information. The latter is a great indication of the applicant’s personality. It is advised to leave a bit of leeway, just to broaden the pool a bit. Once you have a good couple of applications that stand out from the rest, you are ready to continue to the next step.

4. Calling Applicants and Setting Up Interviews

With all the prospective truck driver’s applications at hand, start calling them and getting a feel for who they are and how they conduct themselves. You can even do a typical telephonic interview before deciding whether or not you should hire them. Ask questions based on the information provided in their application. You should get a good feel of whether or not you would like to put them through to the next round of face-to-face interviews.

5. Interviewing and Hiring

Now that you are ready to meet the candidates, you should start drafting some ideas on what questions you would like to ask. Interviews are a stressful environment, and this should be taken into account before hiring. You will, however, be able to tell when the truck driver applicant is lying, and the information he/she provides on the questions you ask should give you more than enough guidance on making your final decision. Always keep in mind that a person with a flawless resume and a lot of experience is not necessarily the perfect fit for your company, you also have to take into account whether the person will be able to adapt and integrate with your current team easily.

As a last step of the process, consider asking permission from your interviewees to do a background check and see whether they have any records against them. Phone their references and ask about how the previous employer experienced working with the candidate.

However tedious the recruitment and hiring process may be, you should be halfway on your way to getting theword out and reaching the best OTR and CDL truck drivers in the industry and offering them great opportunities by joining your team. We hope our tips have helped you in making this process less of a burden. If you would like more information on keeping your current truck drivers happy, read this article on how to retain truck drivers. Happy hunting!

Find the Best OTR or CDL Truck Driving Job Listing Platforms That Will Make You Want to Apply for a New Job Today

Find the Best OTR or CDL Truck Driving Job Listing Platforms That Will Make You Want to Apply for a New Job Today

Jobs, Truck driving

If you are thinking about hitting the job search and joining another freight transportation company, you are in luck. Over the years the truck driver recruitment process has changed quite a bit, no longer do you have to phone up companies enquiring about job opportunities or have the newspaper as youronly source of information on possible jobs. Today, with the help of the internet, you can enlist or subscribe at some of the best truck driver job listing platforms and have access to the best truck driving jobs as they become available.

Even if you don’t want to join a platform and share your personal information, you are still able to browse job listings on these platforms. The process makes recruiters, as well as job seekers,live a whole lot easier, and the process much sleeker. In this article, we’ll give you our list of some of the best truck driving job listing platforms that you should keep an eye on. And, for those owner-operators or freight transportation companies wanting to list a job, you will have no problem to do so on these platforms.

Drive Knight

Even though Drive Knight is a transportation company itself, we just had to add the site to our list as they are constantly updating their career section with newly available truck driver positions. The company offers in-house training and qualification for those only starting out, which is a major plus. But, with a staggering 30 branches countrywide, you are almost guaranteed to find a job opening near you. Whether you want to join as an independent contractor or a full-time employee, drive a dry van or a port and rail-truck transportation, you’ll have more than enough options to get started.
11 - Find the Best OTR or CDL Truck Driving Job Listing Platforms That Will Make You Want to Apply for a New Job Today


USA Drivers

This huge staffing and placement company is aimed at teaming up great truck drivers with fantastic freight transportation companies, servicing both employer and employee. Here you will find a huge up-to-date list of all the current positions available in the industry, whether you are looking for a full-time or a part-time position. The company specializes in staff placement, recruitment,and leasing and has more than 20 years’ experience in the truck driving recruitment and freight transportation industry, making them a reliable source for applicants and employers alike.
12 - Find the Best OTR or CDL Truck Driving Job Listing Platforms That Will Make You Want to Apply for a New Job Today


Truck Driving Jobs

On Truck Driving Jobs job seekers are easily able to browse the latest available truck driving jobs, search for jobs by selecting a company they wish to work for, or search jobs via thestate, making this one of the best job listing sites for truck drivers all around. Their goal is two-fold, firstly to provide professional truck drivers with the necessary tools to get the best truck driving jobs in the country, but also to provide freight transportation companies with the necessary tools to ease their recruitment process and find the best truck drivers out there.
13 - Find the Best OTR or CDL Truck Driving Job Listing Platforms That Will Make You Want to Apply for a New Job Today


Trucking Unlimited

Whether you are a new or experienced OTR or CDL truck driver, you will be happy to know that Trucking Unlimited aims to assist all truck drivers on their way to success and finding the perfect truck driving job. What makes Trucking Unlimited stand apart from the crowd and other big jobsites, is the fact that they have a commitment to fast-tracking applications and getting it straight to recruitment agents and freight transportation’s HR departments – no need for you to sit and wonder whether your application is seen or not.
14 - Find the Best OTR or CDL Truck Driving Job Listing Platforms That Will Make You Want to Apply for a New Job Today


Owner Operator

Owner-operators and professional OTR and CDL truck drivers will love joining this site – with their easy application process, you will have a single standard form and application that is sent out to freight transportation companies that match with your requirements and abilities, instantly. Not sure you want to go that route, no problem. You are also able to do a manual job search right there on the site. offers owner-operators and professional truck drivers the opportunity to browse some of the country’s biggest freight transportation company’s available positions, quickly and easily.
15 - Find the Best OTR or CDL Truck Driving Job Listing Platforms That Will Make You Want to Apply for a New Job Today


Big Truck Driving Jobs

Whether you want to join a big corporation or are in search of new truck driving opportunities, at Big Truck Driving Jobs you will be able to browse according to your specific needs. All the latest jobs are listed on the site and you are able to view them by thecompany, state, or remuneration. This platform also offers new truck drivers the opportunity to browse truck driving schools and is a great source for anything related to the freight transportation industry. The site also offers a list of trucking associations organized by state.
16 - Find the Best OTR or CDL Truck Driving Job Listing Platforms That Will Make You Want to Apply for a New Job Today


Hightower Agency

The Hightower blog is an incredible source of resources and articles for anyone in the freight transportation industry. Essentially an ad agency, they service the entire freight transportation providing them with tools needed in getting their name out there, recruiting solutions that stick, and other precious information that you can definitely use in your day-to-day operations. If you are a transportation company looking to hire or a truck driver looking for a job, head on over to their blog where they have a wealth of information regarding some of the industry’s top job boards and sites.
17 - Find the Best OTR or CDL Truck Driving Job Listing Platforms That Will Make You Want to Apply for a New Job Today


Truckers Classifieds

On this simple site, you are able to browse to your heart’s content and find the perfect OTR or CDL truck driving position for you. You are even able to supply your location and find jobs nearest to where you reside. If you are looking for a job with certain specifics, for example, the type of truck you will drive, distances, full-time or part-time, owner-operator, you are even able to search for jobs with those specifications too. Search by state or by thecompany, you are sure to find what you need on Truckers Classifieds.
18 - Find the Best OTR or CDL Truck Driving Job Listing Platforms That Will Make You Want to Apply for a New Job Today

Job search and recruitment can be a strenuous process for both the employer and the job applicant, using trusted and tried job listing sites makes the process a little more pleasant and less tedious. Most of the sources listed in our article even offer you the opportunity to easily complete all your details and apply for multiple companies that match your individual needs. Whether you are a driver or a recruiter, everyone benefits when using such truck driver recruitment tools.

6 Top Tips on How to Ace Your First Truck Driving Interview

6 Top Tips on How to Ace Your First Truck Driving Interview

Interview, Jobs, Truck driving

Are you only starting out applying for ajob as a professional CDL or OTR truck driver? So, you’ve done the training and completed the courses, you’ve got your license and endorsements in hand and you are as eager as a beaver to get started. You look everywhere and apply at all the best freight transportation companies in the country, and someone wants to set up an interview.

Interviews, no matter which industry you are working in, can be a bit intimidating to the most of us. You have to answer a whole lot of questions, some of which can be difficult to answer when you are put in a spot or feeling nervous. Just to help ease your mind and assist you during this process, we’ve compiled a list of top tips for you to stick to when going on your first interview and acing it too. Let’s take a look at what they are.

1. Dress to Impress

1 - 6 Top Tips on How to Ace Your First Truck Driving Interview

Believe it or not, going to a CDL or OTR truck interview will still require you to dress up, clean up, and look presentable. Even though while doing the job you are able to wear whatever you want (and some companies will even have a uniform), this should not be your approach when going for that very first interview. The saying holds true, that first impressionlast a lifetime, and you only have this one chance to leave a good impression. Making the effort and dressing nicely will show your prospective employers that you respect them and that you have a sense of pride in how you assert yourself. In short, we’d definitely not recommend showing up in shorts and a tired t-shirt that’s not been through the wash.

2. Bring the Important Papers

2 - 6 Top Tips on How to Ace Your First Truck Driving Interview

In most cases, you will be required to bring important documentation with you to the interview. Remember to have a couple of copies of your resume on hand, together with all the necessary paperwork that your prospective employer will need to confirm that you are certified and capable of doing the job at hand. These include your CDL license as well as your medical card. Preparation is key to a successful interview, and will also ensure that your anxiety levels are not too high. Get all the paperwork ready the night before the interview, and think about possible interview questions they could ask. Be sure to have a pen on hand and not bring the paperwork as is. Keep it tidy and protected in a file.

Bonus: Do some research on the freight transportation company the night before, and compile a list of questions that you may have for the interviewer.

3. Honesty is the Best Policy

3 - 6 Top Tips on How to Ace Your First Truck Driving Interview

The interviewer will probably ask you straight out about any instances of accidents or anything that may be on your record. If not, the responsibility is yours to be truthful and provide the interviewers with as much information as possible. Even if it is not discussed, you will be better off putting all your cards on the table upfront as it could be a costly and sad exercise should they hire you only to find out you are not able to drive across the border for whatever reason or for whatever is on your record. Not only will they surely notify other professionals about the fact that you are untruthful and have a record, the fact that when they do so, you will more than likely lose all credibility and struggle to find any job at all.

4. Discuss Any Work Experience

4 - 6 Top Tips on How to Ace Your First Truck Driving Interview

Whether it comes up during the interview or not, making the interviewers aware of your past experience could be a major benefit as this will show them that you are capable of many things. It will also open the door a little bit wider if your previous experience can be integrated into your new job. Sometimes, the strangest experience might have the biggest advantage. For instance, if you worked while getting your qualification, this could indicate to the employer that you have perseverance and are independent and responsible. Or, if you have worked as a waiter before, it could show them that your communication skills are great and that you are able to adapt and work closely with others.

5. Pass the Substance Test

6 - 6 Top Tips on How to Ace Your First Truck Driving Interview

As you should know by now, as a CDL or OTR truck driver you are required to be clean and sober, and in order for you to remain certified and keep your license, you are required to go for drug and substance tests on a fairly regular basis. This will also be the case when starting a new job. No freight transportation will even consider hiring someone with a negative result on a drug screening test. Besides, staying clean and healthy is the best way to go if you want to enjoy a full and happy life.

6. Be Patient

5 - 6 Top Tips on How to Ace Your First Truck Driving Interview

The chances of the company hiring you on the spot are slim. Any hiring process takes a little time as the company has to see all the suitable candidates and interview them, possibly have a second round of interviews to narrow things down a bit, and then, if you do cut it, you may even be required to show them with a practical test that you can drive as a CDL or OTR truck driver. In between all of these steps the freight transportation company may also start doing a background check on your records and have you completing some paperwork. Some companies will even require you to complete their own training before you can drive and earn your first paycheck. Just be patient, soon enough you will be driving as part of a magnificent courier company’s team.

The key tip for going to an interview is to remain calm, take deep breaths and listen carefully to what the interviewer is asking. Some people tend to develop verbal diarrhea in such situations, which you should try to control. Listen carefully to the question, if you don’t understand, ask the interviewer to repeat it, and then answer. Honesty is king and just try to be yourself. It is also important to have some questions ready for them, as this will indicate your interest in the company, but also inform you of important information that you should know, e.g. hours and schedules, routes and so on. Not sure where to get started on the job hunt? Have a look at this great resource for truck driver job listings in the USA. We wish you everything of the best for your CDL truck driver interview.