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We love hearing from our audience and would like to encourage you to join our team and submit any stories you have collected over the years, or even industry-related news that you believe our readers will benefit from. Follow our guidelines below and get in contact with us to get more information on how to submit your work and become part of the team.

Writer’s Guidelines

Even though we love to engage with readers and keep things a bit light, we still have some more strict guidelines with regards to the quality and type of material that we allow for publishing on the site. Don’t be alarmed or put off, though. We aim to keep things simple and to the point, so you won’t have a problem with submission.

  1. Please do not submit work that is not your own or has been published on another site previously.
  2. Please ensure that the work submitted is thoroughly checked and proofread before submitted.
  3. Work submitted must be unique and informative, keeping the target audience engaged.
  4. Your submitted work should be at least 1 000 words in length, no less.
  5. The editor’s decision is final and those who submit articles to be reviewed will be contacted should their submission be successful.

Topics that we cover

As you should know by now, our main focus is the freight transportation industry, with a dedication to providing insights and information with regards to recruitment in the industry as well as general job-related topics that could include personnel relations. Kindly stick to the list of topics below with the work you wish to submit. We will for instance not consider publishing work that is purely political in nature.

  • Truck driving recruitment
  • Freight transportation company human relations
  • CDL and OTR Truck Driving Tips
  • General freight transportation company news
  • Getting certified and obtaining CDL license

We love hearing from our readers, and we look forward to reading your submission in the near future. All the best of luck and we hope to work together on many projects.